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Design and Operation For the main flow - to the process - the valves have an inlet flange DN1 and an outlet flange DN2. The minimum flow is going out through an additional branch DN3 back to the reservoir. As soon as the pump capacity drops below a predetermined flow rate, the ARC-valve opens sufficiently the bypass to maintain the pump minimum flow rate. This rate is maintained even if the flow in main direction to the boiler or process is completely shut off. The ARC-valve automatically opens and closes the bypass corresponding to the main flow rate. This flow controlled function operates without additional auxiliary energy. The pressure and flow reduction to the minimum flow requirements in the bypass line takes place through a multistage throttle system.


Advantage and Utility

assurance of the required pump minimum continuous safe flow no inadmissible temperature increase in the pump; avoidance of cavitation in the pump; avoidance of pump and plant damages

integrated non-return valve in the main delivery stream avoidance of reverse operation of the pump; allows parallel pump operation

specifically designed throttle system in the bypass (low cavitation) reduces pressure and flow rate to minimum flow requirements

favorable NPSH-value of the plant (NPSHA) and the pump (NPSHR)

lower capacity in operating point because of automatic closure of the minimum flow line

lower prime mover power requirement

lower facility costs

automatic degassing of idle and spare pumps